At TWO TON, a passion for the design process fuels creativity. From concept to conclusion, on paper, computer model and prototype, we employ a wide variety of techniques for understanding, visualizing and executing design solutions. Two Ton's laboratory like studio and fabrication facility embodies our hands-on design approach. We place great importance on the collaborative relationship amongst designer, client and builder. The duality expressed in our name reflects the coupling of research and design, of exploring the limitless while being firmly rooted in the practicalities of technology, cost and schedule.

Our extensive experience in the fields of architecture, furniture design, construction and fabrication gives us invaluable understanding of how things go together and what it takes to get them made. It is this integration of design and fabrication that facilitates a greater understanding of ‘process’ that not only informs design solutions, but also liberates them.

TWO TON is a place where energy, experience and curiosity come together.


Growing up in northern Ohio, Luke expressed an early interest in construction, building a deck for his family’s home at the age of twelve. In high school, he renovated the administrative offices of his school, building all the custom cabinetry in his parent's garage. In college, Luke worked toward a degree in painting and industrial design, while working summers as an auto mechanic and commercial roofer. After college, he spent four years working in construction in the Washington, DC metropolitan area as a foreman on several schools, courthouses, hotels, embassies and office buildings. He returned to school for a masters degree in architecture from the University of Virginia in 1993. While studying at Virginia helped found a real estate development company that specialized in purchasing, renovating and reselling residential property. After receiving his degree, he moved to San Francisco where he served as Project Architect for the architectural firm of Lundberg Design, leading a broad range of projects over a period of eight years, including hospitality, commercial, and custom residential projects. Most recently, Luke founded an architecture and furniture design studio called Two Ton. The studio combines a design office and fabrication shop, where ideas are sketched up and frequently tested in prototype. His projects have appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times, Dwell Magazine, Interior Design, Design New England, Monocle, Boston Globe, Hotels Magazine, Country Living, and Coastal Living.

He is a licensed architect in four states: California, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Rhode Island.