Feb 27, 2020

We’re (ALWAYS) in the Mood for Food

While food is “fuel” and obviously necessary to our survival, eating is taken to another level at the 2TON office, (pretty standard in workplaces in general). The “what’s for lunch” messages usually start to circulate around the room, (via Slack) around 10:30 AM, shortly after everyone has arrived and settled in. While of course, none of this distracts from our work, a large amount of 2TONers weigh in.

Some folks are notorious for packing their lunches, however, (which is affordable and healthy!) but also slightly irritating to those who participate daily in the group lunching. Certain restaurant suggestions are mainstays, (here’s looking at you, Chipotle) while others are dependent on a collective “mood” in the office. For example, “anybody in the mood for Thai/Indian” and so on. (Pizza is also a “mood” dependent choice, as everybody has to commit to toppings and ultimately, share.)

“So what?” you ask. Well, we know that food is almost an obsession in offices across the board…like when someone brings donuts or an impromptu leftover, you know, people get really excited. But the answer to “who cares” is twofold. One: Why is there such a thrill around grub at work? And two: (probably the most important question), What delivery services do we love and use the most?

Answer to Question 1:

Psychologically speaking, socializing around and chatting about food has tons of positive benefits. For example:

  1. Talking about food provides something to look forward to, a break from the daily grind
  2. That break reinforces structure in our day that is ultimately good for productivity
  3. Gives a sense of comradery and belonging with our peers and connects us in a completely basic, human way
  4. Because of that connection, lunchtime allows co-workers to bond around something pleasurable

So there is real value in sharing meals at work.

(It’s also worth noting that we have a full kitchen in our office so that space is like, the modern “water cooler” hangout and definitely where everyone gets to know each other more personally.)

Answer to Question 2:

We use PostmatesUber EatsDelivery Dudes, and Door Dash. Having a Postmates unlimited account has major perks, but Uber Eats is generally the fastest. Door Dash wins for overall service and offers the most specials and coupons. And, of course, Delivery Dudes has our heart, as an incredible, local business.

So, in conclusion, we love food at 2TON and for some pretty awesome reasons.

We bond.

We connect.

We break.

We work hard and eat hard.

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