Mar 10, 2020

The Women of 2TON

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally every year on March 8 and dates back to 1911. This year’s theme was #EachforEqual, reminding us that it’s the responsibility of each individual to work towards gender parity.

The first IWD, over a century ago, was aimed to eliminate discrimination against women and to help women gain equal participation in global policies. Pretty much exactly what we’re still fighting for today.

The crazy thing is that, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap report, gender equality won’t happen for more than 200 years. Seems unbelievable, right?

The women of 2TON are a strong, intelligent, funny, powerful and dynamic group who recognize the importance of supporting each other and raising each other up. The theme of IWD 2020 is drawn from the idea of ‘Collective Individualism,’ meaning we are all parts of a whole.

At 2TON, this is certainly true. Collectively, we work together each day to accomplish our individual roles, maximize productivity, and ultimately achieve success.

In light of IWD, the women of 2TON shared their female favorites—authors, musicians, mentors, and even fictional characters. Participating in conversations about strong women, interesting women, influential women—is one way we can focus year-round on calls to action that will decrease the global gender gap.

Together we can make change happen. Together we can help to achieve gender parity in the world. And at 2TON, we’re always better when we’re together.



Title – Digital Art Director
Favorite Women from History – I respect all the women who have stood up against social norms/what’s expected and made a difference whether it’s in movies, music, books, politics, nonprofits, and/or business. ????????‍♀️
Favorite Female Author/Musician – ????????‍♀️I read and listen to literally everything. I have no favorites.
Most Inspirational Female – My mom.



Title – Project Manager
Favorite Women from History – Amelia Earhart
Favorite Female Author – Rachel Hollis
Most Inspirational Female – Rachel Hollis



Title – Chief of Happiness
Favorite Women from History – Princess Diana
Favorite Female Trailblazer – Anna Wintour is ICONIC. I mean, the woman has been Editor-in-Chief of Vogue since 1988 (I’m pretty sure one of the longest held careers of any female in that role) and has had an unparalleled impact on not just our stylistic fashion choices, but our culture as a whole.
Most Inspirational Female to You – That’s tough! I think if we could all just be more like Ellen Degeneres, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, and my mom, the world would be a much more beautiful place.



Title – Digital Marketing Specialist
Favorite Women from History – Marilyn Monroe
Favorite Female Author/Musician – SO many! But I like Lana Del Rey
Most Inspirational Female – My mom, she is one of the strongest and smartest women I’ve known and I’m grateful to have been able to learn from her every day.



Title – Digital Marketing Specialist
Favorite Women from History – I don’t have a favorite. Anyone who made an impact on women’s rights today makes me grateful for them.
Favorite Female Musician/Actress – There are so many amazing women to choose from! My most played on Spotify is Ariana Grande though…I also love Star Wars, so Carrie Fisher has always been a favorite.
Most Inspirational Female To You – My mother and grandmother, who’ve both beat cancer several times. They teach me that women are strong and can handle anything, no matter what it is, and how to be better, do better, and give when someone is in need.



Title – Content Strategist
Favorite Woman from History – Lee Krasner
Favorite Female Musician – Janis Joplin
Most Inspirational Female – Greta Thunberg



Title – Graphic Design Intern
Favorite Women from History – Frida Kahlo
Favorite female Author/Musician – Beyoncé. Why? Because she’s Queen B!
Most Inspirational Female – Ellen Degeneres



Title – Project Manager
Favorite Women from History – Does Hermione count?
Favorite Female Video Game Character – Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite
Most Inspirational Female – My mom because she reminds me to be a better person.



Title – Project Manager
Favorite Woman from History – Catherine The Great
Favorite Female Author – Ursula Le Guin
Most Inspirational Female – My mom

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