We’re in Miami Now

No, we didn’t relocate, we’re just feeling Miami like never before. Because Miami Grill is our new client.

And we’re seriously thrilled and honored to be working with such a quintessential Florida brand

A little about Miami Grill

Miami Grill has been around for over 30 years (!) and started with a single sub shop (Mr. Submarine) in Key West. The brand has always been a “something for everyone” kind of place, with a menu as diverse as the city itself. In the 90s they garnered an almost cult following and have continued to be a cultural phenomenon that epitomizes Florida’s exciting, vibrant energy.

The business has continued to thrive and in 2012, Pitbull...yes, Pitbull, aka Mr. Worldwide, (a proud Miami native) became a key equity partner. The name change happened in 2014 and was an organic transition—they certainly don’t just serve subs, so the name needed to reflect the fast-casual restaurant concept more accurately.

Miami Grill-inline

And now, here WE are.

We began our relationship with Miami Grill by rolling out their NEW Big & Crispy Chicken Sandwich and declaring it a contender in the infamous “Chicken Sandwich Wars.” The campaign featured images of the sandwich against the Miami Grill color palette with copy that read, “BYE KENTUCKY. BYE LOUISIANA. HELLO FLORIDA.” (Take a look here.)

We also gave them a teeny tiny (but very significant) logo uplift that made the brand feel as modern and dynamic as they actually are. And we completely redid their website. Our goal was to showcase the nostalgia of the brand and tell their story, while also giving people an opportunity to see where they are now (delicious, made-to-order, quality food), and what the future holds (more locations, new concept). (Check out the new site here.)

Basically, we’re giving them a complete 2TON marketing package that includes commercials for radio and TV, social media marketing, email marketing, ad management, app development, franchise development, and more.

We’re looking forward to our partnership with Miami Grill, and it’s definitely one to watch. Currently, we’re focused on a campaign to promote their chicken wings, (think GameDay, Family Wing Night) and introduce some awesome new sauces.

And yes, we’re always hungry while working on their assets. We’ve accepted craving Miami Grill as a new occupational hazard.