Apr 13, 2020

Nonprofit Organizations During COVID-19

We have some incredible nonprofit organizations as clients, and while this is a difficult and unprecedented time for everyone, many of these organizations have been gravely affected. In keeping with the spirit of nonprofit work, however, they are all still operating (and doing some amazing things). 

Here are some of the nonprofits we work with and how they’re coping and moving forward.


Hanley Foundation whose mission is to provide substance abuse prevention and educational programs for parents, caregivers and school-age children, has rallied around the community to continue to raise donations so that their programs won’t suffer. They have gone so far as to create an online resource center, Hub by Hanley https://hub.hanleyfoundation.org/, to share information, support, and literature for those in need.

You can support Hanley Foundation here https://hanleyfoundation.org/donate/


Quantum Foundation whose mission is to inspire and fund initiatives that improve the health of our communities, has partnered with other funders in Palm Beach County to establish a COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund. The funding process will provide assistance to nonprofit organizations in Palm Beach and Martin Counties whose staff, services, and clients have been impacted by this disaster. The priorities of the fund include emergency food, shelter, and other basic needs, as well as access to health care services for uninsured or underinsured clients, technology and other resources, and reimbursement of lost revenue. For more information or to apply, visit https://quantumfnd.org/


First Serve USA hires, equips and trains outstanding high school students to mentor children in their own community. This innovative model provides 924 hours per year of positive, authentic and intentional interaction between mentors and mentees. Currently, they employ 66 high school kids as mentors and are unable to pay them during this crisis. To donate to First Serve visit 



Gift of Life ensures blood cancer patients get the life-saving transplants they need when they need them. The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for donors to give, and for couriers to transport stem cells to their patients. Their logistics team is working hard to ensure the continuity of these essential services. When possible, they are working to send donors to their world-class center, rather than to a hospital where medical resources are strained during the current crisis. If you’d like to support GOL and help them get through this time, visit 


Community Partners Logo v2

Community Partners of South Florida works to change the odds for some of Palm Beach County’s children and families. They are still available remotely for community health, housing, and all other community needs. Their infrastructure allowed them to mobilize their entire organization (over 250 staff) and ensure they were able to work remotely and remain open to serve those in need. To find out more, visit https://www.cp-cto.org/.

We are so impressed with the work that our nonprofit clients are continuing to do. As we all navigate through this surreal time, let’s remember those who work tirelessly to keep so many people healthy and safe.

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