Sep 5, 2019

Palm Beach Improv Festival


We’ve Been Improvising for Days with Dorian. So Now Check Out Some Real Theatrical Improv.

As proud sponsors of the Palm Beach Improv Festival, we’re stoked to see the art of theatrical improvisation in action. Since we’ve been spared from the destruction of Dorian, the festival is being held as scheduled, September 5th through the 7th at Old School Square.

In its fourth year–produced by Improv U–the Palm Beach Improv Festival will feature 30+ performances over 3 days, as well as workshops taught by nationally acclaimed instructors. Guests can expect to see fully improvised performances with each set of performers doing 15 minutes.

Featuring short and long form improv, (the two most common types) as well as musical long form–attendees will see every type of comedic improv–unlike anything else in South Florida.


So what is improv exactly, you ask? Well, short form is where actors perform improvised scenes but challenges are thrown at them throughout the performance, making it more difficult. Long form is similar to a short play but is also completely improvised. And musical improv, well, that’s super cool. Musical improv is like watching a regular musical, only everything is improvised!

Improv U, the producers of the Palm Beach Improv Festival, are dedicated to bringing the art of improvisational theater and improv comedy to South Florida and the Palm Beaches. This festival is a celebration of the art of improv and a place for improvisers to connect, share ideas and have fun. It’s a super safe and welcoming environment and is fun for anyone who wants to see something unique and inspiring.

This year’s headliners are some of the best in the business–so you know it’ll be good. Billy Merritt, for starters, is a mainstay at UCB Theater and one of their finest teachers, as well as a comedic actor. He will be teaching a workshop and discussing his awesome book on improv called Pirate Robot Ninja.

Another headliner is T.J. Mannix, a musical genius from The Magnet Theater in Manhattan. He has a one-man musical called Limboland where he plays all of the characters and sings the songs, too–all made up on the spot, no less!

Lastly, Chris George, will perform his solo act called I Am the Show, where he watches a movie with the audience that he has never seen and does the dialogue and voices–live. What ensues is a hilarious performance. Oh, and he’ll be teaching a workshop, too.


And here’s the thing, there is no improv without an audience–the suggestions from the audience are what power the shows. So get your tickets today and join in on the wild, unpredictable fun!

Tickets are available at You can still sign up for workshops, too, if you want to give improv a try.

Oh yeah…there are drinks.

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