May 9, 2019

Behind the scenes with Jenoptik

“At the intersection of art and science is design.”

Jenoptik, a powerhouse in the custom lens industry, tapped 2TON for a creative video challenge: their future clients need high-quality lenses made, and they needed them yesterday. They were looking to increase requests for custom-built lenses—specifically for theme park rides.


“A limitless force propelled by creativity.”

The brief was to show that Jenoptik can deliver custom-made lenses on time within tight deadlines. We brainstormed, scripted, and storyboarded to follow a custom lens from design all the way to delivery.

We chose to shoot in a dramatic look and in 2.35:1 aspect ratio to be on par with the entertainment industry. This also included shooting with a set of early 80s era Zeiss lenses to help introduce a little bit of flaring into the image, adding an almost sci-fi look to the entire video.


“Where the grandest ideas demand the finest details.”

To convey the speed at which Jenoptik can work at, the camera is constantly moving throughout. To achieve this, a Dana dolly was used on a couple of lowboy roller stands so that we could move quickly between setups.

For the music, we added subtle sound design elements that flowed with the audio: low hums paired with machinery, while water spray and whooshes aligned with lens flares. This added tons of ambiance to the final piece, which we invite you to watch now: