Giving Back

Giving back has always been part of the mission. From charitable donations to discounted non-profit rates, if there’s a way for 2TON to make an impact beyond business, we’re there. But more than this, we’ve also built strong connections to our own local community, showing up and coming out to support it however and whenever we can.

School Pride

We have rebranded more schools than any other agency in Palm Beach County — and we did it all for free. Because schools don’t have marketing budgets … but they do have a story to tell. Not only that, every school is filled with hundreds of people who couldn’t be more excited to show off their school pride. They deserve that pride, and we couldn’t be more honored to help facilitate it. Our school rebrands include Village Academy, Atlantic High School, Plumosa School of the Arts, Lake Shore Middle School, and Grove Park Elementary School.

Treat Yo Selphf

After years of donating services to non-profits, in 2020, we discovered an opportunity to help a local minority-owned business that had an incredible story. Our CEO was involved with one of the organization’s founders over a decade ago through a high school summer mentorship program, and was delighted to rekindle the connection to help such a great local business.


We’ve long maintained an open-door policy when it comes to our community, and through the years we’ve had a variety of local orgs set up shop in our space, be it for yoga, education, professional meetings and so much more. In the case of Stairwell, it happened to be to showcase regional art. The event was co-produced with Galera Collective, and featured a one-night pop-up gallery spotlighting dozens of artists. The event was a resounding success and we all returned a year later for Stairwell II. The event grew into a bigger space for Stairwell III, but we’ll return to our new expanded offices in 2023 for Stairwell IV!

Whose Missions
Move Us

And then there are the times when our involvement with professional organziations like Leadership Palm Beach County has presented us the opportunity to put our skills to work, providing design, content and marketing strategies for free of charge to help amplify their very worthy missions.


Call us crazy but we believe that all internships should be paid internships. Not only that, but internships should be an opportunity to grow and learn a craft by diving into it. That’s why, each semester we welcome a new intern to the team. We onboard interns as we do any new team member, and support them with all the real-life opportunities to shine.

Paying it Forward With

Preparing young professionals for the world has always been a pillar of our company culture. We are one of the longest-running regular speakers for FAU’s Digital Marketing Course, and our CEO has been the instructor for the digital marketing component of the Jim Moran Institute for Entrepreneurship (Small Business and Non-Profit Programs) since 2016. He is also a Watson Institute Mentor at Lynn University, and the first non-education industry professional invited to speak at Palm Beach State’s Educational Summit. In addition to those honors, 2TON has also been tapped several times to organize real entrepreneur stories from local professionals to be shared with aspiring local high school students.

2TON team members also provide educational sessions for several
Chambers of Commerce, Regional Industry Chapters and National