Email Marketing & Blogging:
Yes, You Need Both

We get this question from our clients a lot, “do we really need email marketing and blog posts?” and our answer is always the same, “YES!” Smartly combining the two will certainly yield better results.

Some things, while great on their own, are inherently better together. So while both components are beneficial by themselves, when the two parts are put together, they’re much more functional, efficient, and successful.

Email marketing and blogging complement each other—blogging is the cheese to email marketing’s macaroni.

  1. A Blog Teaser is Great Email Content—Your blog should work together with your email strategy and they should promote each other. Once you’ve posted a blog, send a brief summary, or a small part of it, to your email list. Link this teaser back to the post on your site, it’s a great way to get people from your email list to visit your website.
  2. Themes—Match the theme of your blogs to your email marketing campaigns, this will send a cohesive message to your audience that sends them back to your site. Again, the two work better together, so if your blog for February is Valentine’s Day related, promote it with a Valentine’s Day email blast featuring a sale or relevant information to your business.
  3. Answer Questions—Use your email blasts to answer common questions about your business or industry, or to launch a new product or service. A great way to market new developments in your business is through email marketing—further, consider the benefits of having a blog post on your site that answers the same questions—more thoroughly.
  4. Keep Your Audience Informed and Interested—In an email, you will likely hit on key points or brief things happening in your business or industry. A blog post gives you the opportunity to expand on these things and share a more detailed look into these key points. Both are great ways to keep your business at the forefront of your audience’s radar, and having the blog posts will provide a greater sense of who you are and what you do.
  5. Be Useful—Your emails and blog posts should be useful to your audience. Providing informative content less often is better than blasting people with superfluous content all the time. Write thoughtful blog posts that can easily transform to email marketing (and vice versa) and you’ll have better engagement with your audience and a higher conversion rate.

A smart marketing strategy is an awesomely powerful way to gain new clients and retain your existing audience. Combining email marketing with blogging is a sure-fire technique to boost your engagement, drive traffic to your site, and get the attention of prospective new business. When done thoughtfully and coherently, these two assets together will strengthen your brand.