How Midas increased their Instagram engagement by 110%

How Midas increased their Instagram engagement by 110% in less than a year

From tires to brakes to oil and beyond, Midas, the popular auto repair shop, has been helping people drive that much safer for over 70 years. Both a trailblazer and leader within the automotive service industry, Midas has achieved a global reputation for their quality, service and reliability. 

Midas had clearly defined a successful marketing strategy using more traditional channels, but their team also recognized the immense opportunity that awaited them on social media. With 1,200 stores around the world, they needed help to connect with their current audience while still continuing to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Their biggest challenge? Auto maintenance and repair is often perceived as a grudge purchase. It was critical for us to develop a strategy that, despite these limitations, would come across as engaging and informative to consumers.

In less than a year, we were able to achieve…









Elevated Social Media Content

Unlike traditional media like TV and magazines, social media is all about interaction. Our 2TON team collaborated with Midas’ internal team to define key categories for their content that would ultimately drive engagement and increase brand awareness, while also encouraging their customers to schedule service appointments—something that the average person tends to put off.

On top of leveraging the client’s promotional content which includes text-based graphics, we create educational content that both entertains and informs their audience. In order to highlight each of their local stores as well as Midas’ customers, we’ve also implemented high quality User Generated Content (UGC) that highlights the different kinds of interesting and cool cars that come into their shops, which has ultimately driven the most engagement across all of Midas’ social media channels.

Building Relationships Through Community Management

For Midas, being able to provide their customers with reliable support is critical. We agreed that Midas would benefit from continuing this effort on social media, so we helped them to develop more consistent engagement behaviors through a defined community management process. In doing so, Midas has allowed their brand to be even more accessible and responsive when it comes to customer service.


Reporting and Setting Goals for Success

While we have clearly already seen undeniable success thus far, we understand that the social media landscape and their users’ interests are ever evolving. In analyzing and creating monthly data reports, we’re able to take those learnings and insights to drive strategy, including new content campaigns as well as messaging styles.