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Sorry, we don’t mean you, we mean your industry. And it can be, kind of...boring. That’s exactly why it’s time to defy the status quo and stand out. Our clients in this space come to us for a reason, and we love the challenge. They want to be innovators, they want to say things no one else is saying in a way no one else has before. They want to be different. And at 2TON, that excites us and it’s why we are so successful here. So join us, and let’s flip the script on industry standards.


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What we do


Whether we’re marketing your entire firm or just your latest project, we handle everything from name development to printed sales brochures.

Website Development

Our team delivers websites that are all-encompassing and designed to showcase everything your company has to offer. Not ready for all that? Of course, we can also put together a quick landing page for that new investment you just secured. We are your personal web team.

Marketing Strategy

Billboards, TV, radio are still alive and ever-evolving. Your market is unique and we might want to engage some of these old school ad vehicles. But then we’ll couple it with a multi-faceted, highly-trackable digital strategy leveraging ad platforms from Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


What sets you apart? We’ll help you find or further develop your IT factor. We’ve helped firms launch campaigns, sub-brands, and marketing arms with a strategy that elevates and drives your campaign and messaging.

Print Materials

You do have to look the part. Business cards, letterhead, presentation folders. They’re all very important and have to be custom-crafted in a way that conveys your high-quality brand and professionalism. It’s not just the graphics or typography, its the paper quality, the ink, and the process that makes it come to life and look good.


Whatever we end up doing together, we will likely need professional photography and video assets to make it happen. We’ll direct your team, or bring in a team of our own, to ensure you have the very best.



Attorney Lee Cohen came to us looking for branding for his personal injury practice, along with a memorable marketing campaign that could distinguish his firm as a leader in the space. We kicked off the work effort by developing a completely overhauled brand and website and quickly moved into production on a video ad campaign.

We wrote, filmed and produced a lighthearted project dubbed 1-800-CALL-LEE, a fun, humorous spot that was in stark contrast to traditional alarmist injury attorney marketing. From its very first airing, the spot was a celebrated success. On top of their initial branding and the popular Call Lee spots, we continue to create and manage all marketing campaigns for Mr. Cohen and his prominent South Florida firm.


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