Case Study

GSky Plant Systems

GSky Plant Systems, Inc. is an award-winning global provider of living walls, vertical gardens, and green walls for interior and exterior spaces. They’re also our client. They’ve built over 800 walls in 19 countries and we helped them “grow” their business, (pardon the pun, we couldn’t help ourselves).


For GSky, we wanted to create a brand that was one part organic and natural, and one part innovative and extremely cool (because they are). To do this, we designed and developed their website using modern, sleek fonts, photography and video. We also designed print materials like business cards and leave-behinds using our own photography and drone shots.

To leverage these new assets and to build brand awareness, create engagement, and generate strong leads, we executed a thorough digital marketing strategy. This included email marketing, creating social media posts, writing blog posts, and writing, running and analyzing Google paid ads.

It was an “all hands on green wall deck” sort of project.


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