2TON Levels Up for Life

Marketing Campaign for Gift of Life Marrow Registry

We are exceedingly lucky to have the clients we have, we always get to work on cool and interesting projects and learn so much about a variety of industries. Recently one, in particular, has us super excited and feeling like superheroes.

Level Up For Life is a campaign we created for Gift of Life Marrow Registry, an international public bone marrow and stem cell registry nonprofit that’s fighting blood cancer. Gift of Life is determined to give everyone battling blood cancer, (like lymphoma, leukemia) a second chance at life and is a world leader in facilitating transplants for children and adults suffering from these life-threatening diseases.

Gift of Life hired us to create an assortment of materials for them, one of them being an amazing, dynamic video that targets the group they need most, males ages 18-25. (Apparently those guys have the best stem cells.) Getting swabbed to donate is super easy and literally takes 10 seconds, so we wanted to make sure that Gift of Life is able to share this with as many young men (and other people, too) as possible.

In addition to an email campaign, digital ads, and a Level Up for Life landing page we made this video.


For the concept of the video, our creative team felt like using a video game theme would capture the attention of their target audience. To make the video easy to understand and relatable, we used casual language in the script and graphics to highlight the important segments. The overall message of the video is that it’s quick, easy, and painless to donate and potentially save a life. And that saving a life is obviously a huge deal.

We worked with a great group of actors to get this video just right. Our team really showed their stuff for this campaign and we’re proud of it. Most importantly, though, we want people to watch the video, share the video, and Level Up For Life.

Check it out now and then feel free to share.