Introducing Selphf

Giving back is part of who we are—as a company and as individuals. In past years, we hosted client giveaways and an outdoor movie and toy drive. This holiday season is a little different, in part, because of covid-19, but also because our CEO & Founder Ryan Boylston has upped his game as an ally to the Black community.

Black Women in Business

According to Amex, Black women represent 42% of net new women-owned businesses started last year in the U.S. However, IFundWomen found that Black women founders received just .06% of total venture capital funding in the past decade. When Ryan trained with the Racial Equity Institute last year, other realities of the like illumed. So 2TON leadership decided to take actionright here, at home in Palm Beach Countyand the rest of the team jumped on board.

Introducing Selphf

Rather than the truckloads of toys, the 2TON teamed volunteered to complete $30-40K worth of work for a local, Black, woman-owned business this holiday season. Selphf, a skincare line dedicated to empowering others through affirmations and healthy, beautiful skin, was founded by Briah Duncan and her fiancé Adly. 

“People want quality products from quality peoplemore than ever, even more than the ‘made in the U.S.A.’ days,” says Ryan, “and Briah is doing just that. Not only am I a supporter, I’m also a Selphf-soaper, and this is the real deal. 

Our team renamed the company, originally “body care for self”, rebranded, provided marketing strategy, took product photos, produced video, wrote copy, and designed a new website, packaging, and digital ads.


Embrace New Times With Giving

The work we do as an agency puts us in place to be revolutionaryto embrace the new imaginatively. Giving back to a local, small, Black woman-owned business during a time when small businesses are struggling to stay afloat is the right thing to do, and it’s our wish that others in the industry reach back in a similar way. 

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