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Lead Generation

Everyone is talking about it—lead generation— and “how do we do it?” “We need more of it.” “We want more leads.” We hear this all the time and frankly, that’s good, because we get it.

What is Lead Generation?

A lead is a potential customer or business opportunity. Generation is making or creating. Therefore, Lead Generation is making/creating potential customers or business opportunities.

Lead generation is sort of like dating.

You like someone, you think they’re right for you. You have a feeling they like you, too. (Or have a little interest, anyway.)  Now what? You creep...haha. Meaning, you start to show up where you know they’ll see you, (not in a stalker way!).

See, you want to attract them to you by showing them your best assets, (like on social media or something). Eventually—and hopefully quickly—they’ll warm up to you, realize you’re right for them, and practically beg you to ask them out.

Just replace the people with business and customer and that’s Lead Generation.

Quite simply, a lead is a person who has expressed an interest in your product or service. So lead generation is just making more of those people and then using every opportunity you have to market directly to them. You want to bring them to your business by showing them your brand thoughtfully and often enough that they’ll want to do business with you.

Quality Not Quantity

So now we know what Lead Generation is, (and got some good dating advice). But here’s what’s MOST important, (in either case, actually): Quality. Quality leads. We don’t want 100,000 people to hit your site if none of them are going to buy anything. We want to seek out and attract the high quality leads that will.


Client Case in Point:

Our client OpenClose is an enterprise-level mortgage lending software company. They provide completely browser-based loan origination software that automates all business channels and workflows— end-to-end, multi-channel—to be clear. 

Make sense? Well, it may not totally make sense if you’re not in the mortgage banking industry, and it wasn’t without its challenges for us to understand, but we’ve learned a lot about their business as we’ve worked with them. (One of the best parts about 2TON is the variety of industries we get to sink our creative, strategic teeth into.) 

So, one of our goals with OpenClose is to get them more quality leads and conversions.

Here’s what we’re doing:


Extensive audience research including competitor analysis, client input, and so on, which led to segmentation into key groups that allowed us to create two campaigns with targeted messaging for each. 


Paid ads on Google, Bing, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn with targeted messaging, and creative for each. 

Landing Pages:

Created 4 landing pages then utilized Google Optimize to run a split test sending 50% of paid traffic to respective landing pages. 


Analyzed results and ran a continuous ad and page testing to determine the most effective conversion funnel. (The difference in the landing pages is primarily in content placement, design elements, and overall structure.)

Conversion and Remarketing:

If a user does not initially convert, they are retargeted for 90 days with specific messaging to draw them back through all media platforms. If they do convert, detailed data is collected, the sales team notified, and they enter a unique marketing funnel. 

Data Collection:

We also created a centralized data aggregation from all advertising sources by leveraging Google Data Studio. This allows for real-time reporting, insights, and campaign optimization. 

Defining Leads and Conversions:

Is this a purchase?  A phone call? A demo sign up? A form fill out? We work with the client to establish their goals and determine what the most valuable actions for their users to take are and then we track these actions. We build the messaging and design to drive their users to take the specific actions they’re looking for. And we constantly improve this process month to month to bring in higher, more qualified, quality leads. 

Success! (Horn tooting and such):

Since implementing our lead generation strategies, we’ve seen high (and awesome) conversion rates for OpenClose.

Google Display Ads


Finance Conversion Rate Industry Benchmark


Our Conversion Rate (Over 3x)

Google Search Ads


Finance Conversion Rate Industry Benchmark


Our Conversion Rate (Over 2x)

Moving Forward

We’re continuing our best attention-seeking behaviors for OpenClose and are currently working on a campaign that focuses on the awards they’ve won. We’ll begin an A/B test, pivoting our current ads to explore this angle and continue to optimize their digital advertising campaigns. They’ve got the assets. We’re helping them bring in and convert the leads. 


Want more quality leads? 2TON can help you generate them.