Miami Lights: A Creative Collab by 2TON and Flo Rida

We try hard to play it cool, and we’re not really the kind of people with stars in our eyes. But, when they told us we were going to be working with Flo Rida and team, we miiiight have geeked out momentarily. After we collectively regained our composure, we dove right in. Here’s how it all went down. 

A Creative Vision with a Creative Genius

A few years ago, we wondered…. What would it take to design our own custom playing card deck? Where would we find our inspiration? 

Before we get into the inspo though, a little history: About a decade back, Flo’s team and 2TON (formerly Woo Creative) worked together on a community partnership to design youth sports uniforms for local teams. The uniforms served a great purpose in the community, and the collab experience wasn’t one we’d soon forget. 

Fast forward, it’s 2022. As 2TON was kicking around creative ideas for the new card label, we reconnected with Flo and team to tell them about our vision. Everyone was immediately energized by the idea, and together, we decided a creative partnership would be the best way to pull it off.  

So, with good beats, good vibes and all the creative juices freely flowing, Flo and 2TON got to work, drafting concepts for what might be the coolest cards you’ve ever handled. 

Inspired Deck Design

Featuring front and back design—a standout feature in the custom design marketplace—we built the details of the cards with intention. From the outset, we wanted to ensure these playing cards represent the real Miami, not just the travel brochure version. 

The final design incorporates a wide range of creative elements, recognizing the draw of South Florida music, wildlife, arts and culture. And, they were designed with symmetrical imaging, keeping functionality and playability in mind. 

Along with 2TON custom artwork, the decks also feature intricately detailed packaging, boasting  incredible embossed card boxes from our premier production partner, theory11, which has produced luxury custom decks for Star Wars, Harry Potter and more. 



The decks are produced in the United States by theory11, and they come in two versions: Miami Lights and Lights-Out PROTOTYPE. The flagship and original deck, Miami Lights, hosts a vibrant palette that evokes the colorful tropics with graphic elements to represent the breadth of Miami’s culture. The Lights-Out PROTOTYPE was a concept deck made available exclusively as an Early Bird special and for the 100 Ultimate Flo-Rida Package backers. In addition to the decks, we also designed limited edition poster sheets, which feature the 52-card deck before it is cut into cards. 

Together with 2TON, Flo Rida set out to build a specialty playing card deck that embodied the South Florida lifestyle, and we couldn’t be prouder of the results.

Miami Lights Launch - 7
pre-launch closeup-2
Miami Lights Launch - 2 FB

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