May 24, 2022

Palm Beach North


Welcome to Palm Beach North, a premier destination for both residents and visitors alike. Located on the northern end of Palm Beach County, Florida, Palm Beach North is described as a “distinct 10-municipality regional corridor” with each town possessing its own unique set of qualities and opportunities. 

As home to some of Florida’s most exquisite beaches and nature preserves, not to mention the shopping, restaurants, port and world renowned golf courses such as PGA National, 2TON sought to put Palm Beach North’s diversity on full display.

What started as an offshoot of Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce, 2TON and Palm Beach North’s internal team understood that it would be best for the brand to be treated as its own separate entity. We not only aspired to promote the area to current residents, we also wanted to ensure that we would be able to inspire an increase in tourism and overall interest throughout the region. The goal? Show the world all of the wonder that Palm Beach North has to offer.

Building on the brand’s narrative as an energetic, eco-friendly community on the rise, the logo created by 2TON encapsulates the modernity of Palm Beach North; with a simple word mark and clean lines. The compass symbol then goes on to reflect the nautical theme throughout the region while also representing its Northern location within the Palm Beaches. 

The color palette further plays into the community’s natural elements, using a variety of shades of blue to associate itself as a prime, on-the-water destination. With a hint of green, 2TON also felt it was appropriate to acknowledge both the community’s plethora of popular golf courses as well as its remarkable parks and nature preserves. This palette also subtly references the brand's roots, Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce, who also utilizes similar tones within their visual identity.

"We believed the visual identity needed to be classy and sophisticated, but also playful, catchy and fresh."

In developing the campaigns for the brand, 2TON’s key focus was to not only promote the area’s extensive activities and opportunities to current residents but to also inspire and attract tourism. Leveraging vibrant and vivacious imagery paired with actionable copy, Palm Beach North effectively communicates itself as a lively, active and opportunistic community — a destination that truly offers a balanced “live, work and play” lifestyle. “Naturally inviting” quickly became a tagline for the brand; a metaphorical phrasing that acknowledges the region as a hospitable host for its visitors while also, again, referencing the wondrous natural elements of the area.

Intended as a way to organically boost brand awareness, 2TON created a comprehensive social media strategy that prioritizes human connection and experiences. Revolving mostly around UGC (User Generated Content), Palm Beach North is able to highlight residents and promote local businesses on a more accessible channel. The overall tone of the brand’s social media presence conveys the playful, entertaining and stimulating characteristics of the community.

Additionally, 2TON created the website and designed both packaging and assorted merchandise for the brand. The website is light, refreshing and informative, marrying the clean and modern nature of the identity with a simple and functional user experience. 

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